What happened to all of the slutty escorts in London?

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A few years ago when I flew into London on a more regular basis, I always used to date slutty escorts. It seemed like all of the escort agencies in London had at least a couple of genuine slut working for them. Unfortunately my work routine changed and I ended up spending less time in London, and I missed out on dating my slutty escorts. Now things are back to what I would call normal, and I am once again flying into London on a regular basis.


To my astonishment, the slutty girls that I used to date all seem to have moved on. Looking around London, I have only been able to come across slutty escorts at Deptford escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/deptford-escorts. What has happened? It is a bit like many of the escort agencies in London has gone upmarket, and agencies on the outskirt of London, such as Deptford escorts, are the only once left with slutty escorts.

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Plenty of gents probably like to enjoy the company of top class or elite escorts, but I am not one of them. Dates with elite escorts to me are often too stifled and I think that a lot of elite escorts are only in it to make money. They spend all of the time sipping champagne and trying to get you drunk so the date finishes early. I am not into champagne, and I want an escort who can keep me going instead of getting me drunk. In other words, the sluts from Deptford escorts are perfect for me.


I read somewhere that many escorts in London now see the escort industry as a genuine professional service. Having had a a lot of experience of dating escorts, I think that they are getting it all wrong. Are you really looking for a professional service when you date escort? I want my date with an escort to be a pure enjoyable experience and the girl should be as slutty as possible. That is why I will only use escort agencies such as Deptford escorts. The girls really do know how to be sluts.


If the London escort services keep going in this sort of way, I think that a lot of guys who like to date slutty escorts will start to date elsewhere. Sure, it is nice to know that Deptford escorts are there for you, but surely you need to have more than one escort agency in London with slutty escorts. One day gents are going to realize that dating escorts is not about sitting there drinking champagne. I am sure all of us would really like to play a little bit when we are away from home, and enjoy a little bit of what we don’t get at home. If that means dating slutty escorts, you are better of checking out non elite escort agencies and find yourself a slutty girl. They are around, but you may have to look a little bit harder. Once you have got that card, hang on to it like mad.


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