Male London escorts vs Female London escorts

It is so expensive to date male London escorts. The girls and I like to visit London a couple of times during the year, and needless to say, we like to have some fun as well. London is such a great place to go out in and hang out to have some fun, and the experience can be made that much more special when we arrange for a couple of hot date with male London escorts. Unfortunately, it is really expensive to date male escorts in London, and I have to admit that I think that male escort prices are way out of line when compared to female escorts in London prices.

So, I ask you …. what are we girls expected to do. Share??? It simply isn’t on, and I think it is about time this problem was addressed. There seems to be a lot of escorts in London agencies that cater for gents, but they do not cater for ladies. It is about time that an alternative escorts service was set up for the ladies. After all, we should be allowed to have some fun as well. Lots of single gents travel to London and arrange for dates with hot female London escorts, why should we not be allowed to do the same thing?

Yes, I know it is acceptable for single gents to date female escorts in London, and I can’t see why they should benefit from a different prices structure. Gents may pay as little as £80 per hour for a date with a hot lady in London. However, us ladies are expected to pay at least £200 per hour for a date with male London escorts. Something has gone seriously wrong here somewhere, and I would urge some of the better London escorts to take some action, and do something about it. Girls like to have some fun as well.

Looking around the rest of the world, the story is very much the same. It seems that it is more expensive for ladies to date hot escorts than it is for gents to date escorts. Another thing that I have noticed about male escorts, is that their services are very limited. For instance, most male escorts in London do not offer services like escorts for couples or duo dating. Why should we girls have less of a range of services when compared to the boys. I think it is about time things changed, and we should be allowed to have some adult fun as well.

I wonder how many ladies feel the way I do. The girls up here in Manchester love their London escorts, but we can’t really afford to date every time we visit London. It is about time this changed, and I wouldn’t mind looking into setting a London escorts for the ladies. Besides, I can’t see why some of the existing escorts agencies cannot provide male escorts at reasonable prices. They manage to do so for the gents, why can’t they do it for us girls?. Are we talking sexual discrimination here???

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